Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I'm Still Here

 This year I will be returning to O. P. Earle Elementary as the Assistant Principal.  While it was very hard to leave my current school because of the relationships I had developed, I am blessed to be able to return "home" as I move back into administration.  While I have held this position before, I know I am still going to experience a big learning curve as I get to know the faculty, students, parents, policies and procedures that have changed over the past few years.  

In true teacher fashion I am enjoying my summer, but I am also using it as a time to prepare for the upcoming school year.  Between organizing files, moving into my new office, and planning for professional development, I have several books that I will be reading that have been on the back burner for several months that I plan to read.  Don't worry.  Once I read each one, I plan to share the highlights or my "golden nuggets" with you.   

The first two that I am committing to reading are:

Have you read either of these two? If so, what were your takeaways? 

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  1. Congratulations on going "home"! What an exciting time for you. You've got two great books picked out. Happy reading!